Motion Graphics – Generate Promotional Video

I once again teamed up with Jonathan Evans and his creative team to create motion graphics for a promotional video at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

Jonathan gave me his vision for the concept of the video, but wanted a visually interesting way to present the ministry and advertise their first event. There was a lot of information to present (date, time, what the event is about, etc.) and it’s easy for information like that to be daunting and forgettable.

I proposed the concept of a camera tracking through a 3D tunnel that could display text or video promoting the event. He loved it, and his team created a music bed. I developed the timing, layout, and design of the animation based on the timing of the music.

For the last segment, Jonathan’s team had designed a logo for “Generate” but needed it animated in a 3D space with electrical effects around the gear and lettering.



  • Role: Layout, Design, Animation
  • Software Adobe After Effects
  • Plugins Element 3D and Saber by Video Copilot, Universe Suite by Red Giant