Logo Design – Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Waxahachie, TX reached out about designing their new logo. The Chamber wanted it based on the famous Ellis County Historic Courthouse.

The Chamber decided on color scheme and typography, and they wanted me to:

  • Draw and design the logo
  • Create a flat design that would work well on digital and print media
  • Capture the character of the Courthouse
  • Be unique from several local businesses which have also incorporated some portion of the Courthouse into their logo

I started by vising the Courthouse and taking a picture from the angle the logo would be designed from.

I noticed a “W” shape from that perspective that I knew needed to be in the final version of the logo.

Then I took it into Photoshop and applied several filters to observe what features of the building stand out.

I also did an auto-trace in Illustrator to see if I would get a different result as well as to see how light influenced the key features of the building.

After several iterations, we arrived on a final design.

And there’s the “W” for Waxahachie at the bottom of the logo.

  • Role: Logo Design
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop