Motion Graphics & Design – It’s Almost Wynter

Jonathan Evans at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship reached out about creating a tribute for his cousin Wynter Pitts, who died suddenly in July 2018. The young adults ministry Generate’s theme for their December 2018 gathering was aptly titled “It’s Almost Wynter.”

I collaborated with Jonathan to create a bitter cold and wintery design that didn’t look childish or like it was pulled from Disney’s Frozen.

For the tribute, Jonathan worked with a videographer for the spoken word, and I created the ending graphics.


I created a teaser for marketing in the church and on social media.


For the promotional of the Generate event, Jonathan sent over the music track and a recap video from the previous year. I used those assets, added some transitions and sound effects, and tweaked it until Jonathan and I both liked the final version.

  • Project Type: VFX & Animation
  • Software: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro
  • Plugins: Element 3D, Optical Flares, Magic Bullet