Motion Graphics – Trivia Countdown

Graduate student Matthew Goode reached out in need of some design and animation assistance. Matt was working on a project for his degree in audio engineering and needed a custom video for him to compose music and create the sound design.

He pitched the vision to make a countdown that would run before a church service and have trivia from the four gospels. He needed various moving elements that could give him options for the sound design.

On the video side, this project was all about managing time. How many questions and answers should we display in 5 minutes? We ultimately chose 10, with 30 seconds per question.

Technically, syncing each question’s 15 second timer with the master timer proved to be tricky, but once it was lined up properly, it created a beautiful, fluid effect.

As a finishing touch, I added subtle effects such as changing the color when there were only 5 seconds left.

  • Role: Concept, Design, Layout, Animation
  • Software Adobe After Effects
  • Plugins: Saber by Video Copilot