The powerful and easy-to-use scoresheet for Bible Quiz. Instantly calculatesĀ in-round information and keeps track of all data throughout a tournament. Used by coaches and quizzers across America since 2007.



E-Score is like no other

  • Designed to look just like a normal paper scoresheet
  • A breeze to learn
  • Instantly displays game-critical information in the rounds
  • Keeps track of everything: points, quizouts, accuracy, contests, 10s/20s/30s answered, and more
  • Allows you to spend less time adding and more time coaching
  • Interpret results and make key changes with ease

How it works

E-Score has two components: rounds and overall results. Enjoy the benefits of live-updating for fast strategy in the match and reap the harvest of information later.

In a round, E-Score displays game-changing information, such as points left, how many points you’re ahead/behind by, and whether the match is mathematically over. It even alerts you when quizzers are about to quiz-out and stops you from adding points to the wrong quizzer.

Overall results are separated into Team results and Individual results. E-Score displays points, quizouts, accuracy, contests, 10s/20s/30s answered, and much, much more in a form that is easy to understand (some even say a caveman can do it…).

What people are saying about E-Score

“We’ve tried other score programs before, but they seemed too much of a hassle. Now that I’m using E-Score, I never go to a meet or tournament without it. It has helped us win numerous matches at the national level…Now that I am an MSQ coach this year, I’ve found that having all the statistics right at my fingertips allows me to assess and adjust team strategy between matches, without the time-consuming work of calculating averages and percentages myself. I am quick to recommend E-Score because I believe that E-Score is a valuable tool for Bible Quiz coaches at all levels of competition.”
~ Coach and top 5 quizzer at National Finals


You can always email me with any questions you may have.




round1 round2

Individual Results

indiv1 indiv2

Team Results

team1 team2


Here are some helpful tutorials on how to use E-Score. If you want to see something I didn’t show or just need help understanding a feature, send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Roster & Settings


Interpreting Results




Download: E-Score Manual
Type: .pdf
Program: Adobe Reader

Tech Specs

If you have Microsoft Excel, chances are you can use E-Score! The minimum requirements are:

  • Office 2003 on Windows XP
  • Office 2008 on OSX Leopard.

I have personally used both Windows and Mac at a National level, and I know it works. I never go to a League Meet or Nationals without it.